People say third time is the charm, right? Not about blogging? Oh well, a girl can try. As you might know, first I was on Blogspot for a few years sharing nuggets of my early twenties. Then after finishing university, I got busy with work life so I abandoned that project. A few years after that, on our honeymoon if I remember correctly, Calin and I decided we should start a blog together. This was his gentle way of nudging me back into writing. We wrote a few posts together here and there but like many of my side projects, I soon abandoned that too citing work as my excuse once again.

You’d think the man would understand that maybe blog side projects are not my thing but nope. For my 30th, Calin decided to gift me my own website. So now that we’re paying for it every month, I figured I should probably use it. He even recruited Andrew, my sister’s fiance, to help set up the whole thing. So here is a third attempt at blogging!

Anyway, I’m not sure where to go with this but for now I will likely import some of my favourite travel posts from the old blog and then go on from there with the same type of themes. I think Calin knows I just need a creative outlet and this might be it.

Let’s see what happens.

Stay kind,


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