Calin: Only recently I married a beautiful, talented, witty, and loving woman named Hiba. She has made my life feel more vibrant and given me a life long partner to travel and eat with! We both love food, culture, and travel… we won’t stop until we see/eat everywhere in the world we can reach. If all my dreams come true I will one day open a food stand or small cafe which I will run while my wife writes. In this blog, be prepared for beautiful views, delicious treats, and touching moments.

Hiba: Well, after that introduction I should just take a bow 😉 This blog is an attempt at sharing our adventures with our loved ones so if we pick up a few new friends along the way, all the better 🙂 Enjoy!

Sunset in Granada
Sunset in Granada, Spain

Thank you for reading, and as always, stay hungry and happy travels.

C & H

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